Questions for any characters creation.

1) Who were the character’s parents? Both mother and father were inventors. Did they raise the character? Yes. If not why? If not them who? 2) Did the character have any childhood friends? She did not have any friends for a long time since they traveled a lot. Was friends with here older brother mainly Any siblings? Hade a younger sister who died soon after birth in an illness. Has a older brother Where are they now? Her parents went back to the tower of joy soon after the war ended, as far as she knows her brother went with them there. Does the character stay in touch with them or have they become seperated? A letter now and then is all the communication she has with them. 3) What was childhood like for the character? Calm and peaceful or turbulent and traumatic? She traveled a lot with her parents, to wherever there was work to do. Later they opened a small workshop in breland to and stayed there for several years. 4) Does the character have any or did the character have any role models? Her brother. Describe them? He was the crazy inventor type (like the rest of the family) that brewed potions at a disturbingly young age and was always tinkering with something. Made an artificial leg for the cat after a unfortunate encounter with a experimental potion. The cat lived but could no longer sneak up on rats because of the clanging. Soft pads was later installed much to the dismay of the rats. 5) What did the character do before he / she entered the story? She was employed as a blacksmith and general “Fix anything” kind of person at the city guard. Who trained the character to do what she / he does now? All the training that she has she received from her parents when she helped them in the workshop. 6) What are the character’s moral and religous beliefs? She is a very empirical person, more interested in concrete facts then wishy-washy moral opinions. She is not completely coldhearted but often seems distant from people and looks at problems mainly from a practical point of view. She does not have a strong religious conviction although she will not tolerate anyone trying to stop her from singing a song to Onatar when she works. What lengths will the character go to defend those beliefs? “If you do not like the singing of metal and me then get out of my smithy” Who or what taught those beliefs to the character? The stem from a deep respect for other inventors and the god of crafting and what he stands for. 7) Does the character have any unusual habits or physical traits? If she finds anything that she does not know how it works or anything new she simply must fiddle with it until she knows how to make one. How do others tend to react to them? Must people think it’s a bit peculiar, warforged might get a little worried when she starts eyeing their joints. 8) What is the general reaction to the character of other characters? People often think that she is not paying any attention to anything around her and can find this quite irritating. Why, in the character’s opinion, do they act that way? She sees nothing wrong with the way she acts, she pays attention to what interests her. 9) Can the character kill? Yes Why would the character kill? To protect herself, her friends or her workshop. Does he / she have any enemies at all? None that she knows of. Would or could the character kill them? 10) What kind of relationships does the character currently have? She is usually too absorbed in her work to even meet anyone in that way. She no such interest right now. Does he / she have any close friends? Only her familier, Bob. Bitter enemies? If so who? What are they like? 11) Does the character have any mental problems? Phobias? If so what are they? What do they stem from? 12) How does the character generally treat others? She is usually rather cold in her dealings with other, not relying much on anyone for anything. Emotions are far more difficult to handle then any rampaging experiment. Does she / he trust easily? She can see little reason to trust others. If she have to rely on anyone she does so with careful consideration and will have a contingency plan just incase. Or not? 13) What does the character look like? Does he / she have any scars or tattoos? Has an old burn on left hand and forearm from a experiment concocted by her brother. She has sympathy for the cat. If so how did she / he get them? 14) What is the character’s normal daily routine? Wake up in a daze at workbench, go to work while eating and then work. When home she will work on her own inventions and experiments. How does he / she feel when it’s interupted for whatever reason?

Teriliáron Er Ethil Eberoy born under the 15th of Rhaan, 23 years before the war, at the Tower of Joy in Zilargo.

At birth Teriliáron was like any other female of her race. Her parents, Idhrenniel (the mother) and Suiadan (the father), were happy to receive a daughter, having already received a son. The family stayed in the tower of joy in till some time after the war broke out, they then spent much time traveling to find work as blacksmiths and engineers wherever there was a need. Their travels were often dangerous and many times the family had to fight to stay alive in a country torn by a seemingly endless war. When they were not traveling the family would work for in one of the bigger cities, usually for some lord who wanted the best weapons and armors he could get and was willing to pay the price. Teriliáron grew up seeing the land that went past every day being burnt to the ground one day in the name of justice, only to be reclaimed again days or years later by someone else in the name of justice. Seeing fleeing refugees from cities she had never heard of became something that happened like the coming of winter. She learned the art of crafting from a very early age. First helping her mother and father with small repairs and later building her own things together with her brother, Mordemirdanian, who taught her many things that made her in the artificer that she is today. During their travels they meet many a strange people traveling to or from the great many battles of the war, and half way in to the war the family had a bit of a reputation as traveling smiths of great skill. One meeting near the end of the war hade maybe the most impact on Teriliáron then any other. The family was fleeing a particular nasty lord who had requested their services. During the flight they happened to meet a dwarven family who had also turned down the lord request and had also made a rather dashing escape. One of the sons in the dwarven family, named Adamentus Hammerforg who completely lacked the talent needed to become a blacksmith, fell head over heels (which is not very much on a dwarf) in love with Teriliáron. Teriliáron in turn had the same feelings for Amdamentus but their relationship would not last longer then the time that the two spent traveling together. They made no vow or promises of any kind since their two races are so different. They did not know if they would ever see each other after the day that they went their separate ways. Not long after the two lovers were separated did Teriliáron leave her family to find her own fortune. She went with her family’s blessing and the hope that they would see each other again under the shadow of the tower of joy. After the war Teriliárons family went back to the tower and by a coincident the Hammerforg family settled there as well. The only contact that Teriliáron now has with her family is by letters, few and far between.


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