Flunk, as most of the Warforged creations, was stationed at the front lines during the war. Due to some amount of battle prowess, he did obtain some levels of acceptance, but after all was nothing else than a creation, and treated as such – like most Warforged anyway. Flunk was however greatly interested in the details of the combat tactics and the likes, which meant that he spent considerable time on learning and maintaining his skills with weapons, as well as direct application of force in other manners, for tactical use. He was never terribly interested in learning the specifics behind science, magic, or any of those other things – but he knew what he was good at, and quite simply stuck to getting better at it.

The name “Flunk” was, as it is every so often, granted by his soldier comrades. Mostly due to the fact that despite all his prowess, he seemed absolutely incapable of grasping the deeper motivation behind certain demeanors. Politeness, crudeness, or even annoyance seemed somehow beyond his grasp, since they seemed to serve no proper function with breathing races. Hence, during a test at one point, issued by some high military official, Flunk decided to comment on the rather obese nature of the matron in charge of the test – not as a point of being crass, but simply expressing wonder at how the floor boards were holding under the strain. Flunk did not pass the test, as he was promptly removed by his fellow soldiers, protecting him from the sputtering matron’s fury. As a result, the soldiers around started calling him Flunk – always with a little glint in their eyes he did not quite seem to understand. Regardless, they still appreciated his ever-growing ability to destroy things and generally bring pain to the enemy, as well as his ever-pertinent ability to state the obvious.

At one point, after an offensive that quite literally had Flunk covered in blood and entrails, his camp was joined by members of the Silver Flame – most notably a tall lanky woman, who introduced herself as Leneia. She seemed to take a genuine interest in Flunk, albeit interest laced with some concern, and decided to bring some enlightenment to him, bringing him into the order of the Silver Flame. This was slightly difficult again, since Flunk seemed to have developed his eloquence quite a bit – if not his tact nor sense of situation. He however understood that Leneia served some greater cause, and felt compelled to follow and protect her at whichever personal risk. Such is the life of the soldier, and Flunk is above all else, a soldier.

Flunk never really understood the purpose of religion – the praying, the ceremonies, the fancy outfits worn by the priests – but he follows Leneia around, and understands what it means to her, and has found some levels of peace. Technically speaking, he has not even maimed anybody severely for a long time, so he is convinced the order must think highly of him.


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